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I’ve been a competitive runner, yogi, software supporter, and customer support manager.

I now do full-stack web development, write, carpentry, and electrical engineering.

Ambivert leaning introvert: INTP | Type 5, skeptic, extremely analytical, and love hearing stories and different perspectives.

Massachusetts native, I'm now living in Spain.

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About Anxiety

Last Updated: August 29, 2023

My own personal experience with effective methods I've found for anxiety reduction.

Tank with door closed Tank with door closed
Tank with door open

85 Hours of Sensory Deprivation

Last Updated: January 9, 2022

I've been inside of sensory deprivation tanks (float tanks) 56 times for a total of 85 hours.

This article explains what they are and why I do them.

Me and Pa talking Me and Pa talking

My dad meets "freedom" and hates corned beef

Last Updated: January 7, 2022

This is about a 4 minute snippet from the second interview with my dad. He talks about moving out for the first time when he's 20 and about his new roommate at the time.


Countdown Timer: Complete (for now)

Last Updated: September 2023

A countdown timer that can play an audio file from the web or from YouTube using a video ID while the counter counts down. It now has some somewhat janky pomodoro features and plays a gong when there is 1 minute left. You can also run the timer with no audio.

100 songs from Adrian von Ziegler were also added.

Start Page

Last Updated: November 2023

I've been building and using a page as part of my task management system. It's in part to help manage my tasks better and also to reduce anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed by too much to do. It's still in progress but I've uploaded it to this site so I can access it on all my devices.

Grocery List Generator

Last Updated: September 2023

In progress: This will eventually be connected to a database that will store meals and output a grocery list based on the meals selected.

Quest Generator

Last Updated: September 2023

Randomly generates a quest based on Skyrim lore. More details on the project page. It was created as part of Codecademy's web dev course.

Praise Bee the Queen

A jokey little code piece about Miel Pops made for a friend. The button randomly selects a song and displays corresponding ASCII art.

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