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New Roommate and Corned Beef Audio

There is no production done to the audio. This is a snip from the raw audio interview. You'll hear my dad talking from the right speaker and me talking from the left as well as some clicks and background noise.


Note: In case anyone isn't familiar, Pa means dad in Spanish and it feels super weird to me to call him "dad".

Pa: Basically I was going to be either living with someone else or I was going to be living by myself.  That’s when I met someone by the name of “freedom”. [18:14]
Me: [Laughing]
Pa: That I could do whatever the heck I want. Because otherwise in my house I would have a curfew. I have to be, regardless that I was 18 and when my brother was 18 he was able to be home at 12, well now I’m 18 and I have to get to the house at 10. It was very fair. Always. Always like that.
Me: [Laughing]
Pa: So I go to Calle, and I rent a small house in an alley. It’s one of these, uh, it’s a small house made out of wood and “sink” [need to clarify sink]. [19:00]
Those houses they were on promotion for a while because they were cheap but have everything. Bathroom, the bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and the whole nine-yards. OK? They used to call them little “casas masso”. [19:18]
So anyway, I rent one of those houses. Back in the day, if I remember, I think I was paying either $25 I think that I was paying for rent or $50 something like that. It was, it was pretty cheap. It was pretty cheap. I have the whole house and then the one that he was with me, he move out, so I was there by my self. A guy from my first college he landed up over there and he ask me if he could be my roommate. [19:59]
I told him that that was fine but the problem is, or a problem was, that he was a little pig. His underwear on top of the sofa in the living room. Dirty underwear. Dirty socks. He would come from college, he would take his clothes off, and throw it onto the bed. By Friday he would be digging out clothes from under the bed to see what he was going to put on again. A little pig. [20:41]
There was a point where I said to him- cause that was another thing. If I cook or if he would cook he will eat on my plate, using my fork because he said he likes my plate better.
Me: What?
Pa: Yes.
Me: Wait a minute, wait a minute. So-
Pa: He would take my plate to put his food because he likes my plate better than the plate he had over there.
Me: Hold on. Hold on, hold on. Are you saying that you would eat a meal off of a plate with a fork, and it would be dirty, and then he would take that, the dirty fork and plate, and he would eat off that. Is that-
Pa: No.
Me: -what you’re saying? Oh, OK. [Laughing]
Pa: He would use it before me and then by the time I get back from practice, cause he didn’t play sports or anything, that by the time I get back from practice the freaking plate was dirty and my fork was also dirty in the sink.   [21:44]
There was also corned beef, that I was looking and smelling corned beef, for I don’t know how many months. He would cook corned beef every, single, week. Almost every, single, day. I had it with the fucking corned beef. [24:04]
Me: [Laughing] Is this why I’ve never had corned beef? Nah I’m just kidding.
Pa: That is correct. That is correct.
Me: I actually didn’t-
Pa: I didn’t try corned beef for years, and years, and years. I think that I try corned beef maybe like a year ago?
Me: [Laughing]
Pa: After over- wow, almost 50 years. That I didn’t eat corned beef because I was so pissed with him eating corned beef all the time.
Me: I am genuinely trying to remember if you ever made it.
Pa: If I made a corned beef?
Me: I can’t remember if you ever made it.
Pa: I made corned beef before he move in with me.
Me: I know but I mean like-
Pa: Once he move in I said fuck this shit.
Me: Yeah.
Pa: I’m not cooking that shit ever again.
Me: Dude that’s so funny [Giggling]
Pa: And I would not eat it. It’s you eating the same thing every single day of the week. [22:57]